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To continue our celebration of National Gardening Week, we’re launching a fantastic competition. We’d all like to see a picture of your favourite feature in your garden.

Competition Rules

The feature can be absolutely anything you like which makes your garden stand out from the rest. From patios to planters, topiary to trees or perhaps you have a haven for garden wildlife. Whatever you decide, we’d love to see it, and we’ll be choosing our favourite photos and deciding the winner after the May Day weekend.

Just post your photo in the comments section below, with a short description of your favourite garden feature.

The winner will receive a selection of prizes – Everything you need for a perfect picnic or barbecue. A Piccolino barbecue, 13-piece barbecue cooking set, ice cube cool box, picnic hamper and your choice of one of our amusing aprons! You love your garden, we’re sure we will too! Good luck!


edward scissorhands hedge

The competition will close on Tuesday 3rd of May. The winner will be contacted by e-mail.

Gardens and Homes Direct reserves the right to remove any answers deemed inappropriate or offensive. Entrants must reside within the UK.


  • Lucky
    November 6, 2016

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  • andrew collard
    May 21, 2016

    we have built this from old decking slabs

  • caroline bullen
    May 3, 2016

    The bottom of my garden I have redesigned and the statue is the focus with seasonal flowers and plants added to.

  • Catherine Balazs
    May 3, 2016

    When you can sled down your own back garden you know you’ve got something special. its my own little hillside – Truly British!

  • LYN
    May 3, 2016

    I enjoy sitting in my garden admiring all the beautiful flowers that spring up every year. Spring and summer bring a sea of colours to my garden with the birds singing, bees and butterflies flying around visiting the flowers.

    All my hard work in my garden has paid off. The rays of sunlight now streams in to my garden. The huge canopy of trees that populated the garden like a jungle with a carpet of moss and weeds is almost gone.

    My flower bed is my favourite feature as it gives me so much pleasure and joy. The different seasons and flowers remind me of the song ‘All things bright and beautiful God and all creatures’ great and small.. The Lord God made them all.’

  • Ruth Wollerton
    May 3, 2016

    My little garden is my FEATURE it needs some help to make it a garden to DIY for

  • Alison
    May 3, 2016

    My favourite feature in my garden is a memorial I made for a family member. We planted lots of poppies to represent peace and lovely blue cornflowers and the solar lights were green, white and orange to represent his Irish heritage.

  • Justine Barnes
    May 3, 2016

    Always the fire pit, either a romantic summer evening with a bottle of wine or early evening fun with the kids & roasting marshmallows – it’s all good with the fire 🙂

  • Jacki Hamer
    May 3, 2016

    My favourite feature is the hedgehog house at the bottom of our garden, which houses our rescue hedgehog Harry. This isn’t the greatest photo of him as we don’t like to scare him, but he’s enriched our garden experience since moving in last October. We now spend much more time in the garden waiting for him to come out of his house to feed, and he’s helped our slug problem immensely!

  • Becci cleary
    May 3, 2016

    My favourite garden feature (which I don’t have at the moment as ours is under construction) is a warm but shaded area where I can sit with a good book and a nice snack while the kids play in the sandpit!

  • Claire Davies
    May 3, 2016

    We inherited my wonderful late father’s wheelbarrow which was falling apart. We had the barrow remade and my husband fitted it onto the base and stained it. It now sits proudly in our garden and gives me fond memories of the times I spent gardening with my Dad. Each year it is filled with his favourite flowers. Treasured times, treasured memories. Thank you very much.

    May 3, 2016

    I love gardening and I love flowers. Unfortunately the soil in my garden is predominately clay!! With little knowledge of soil and gardening, all my attempts to grow any flowers and plants failed.

    I started reading up gardening books watching gardening programmed and visiting garden centre. It finally paid off. I managed to transform my garden carpeted with weeds, conifers, bushes and thorny bushes inherited from the previous owner who detest gardening to a kaleidoscope of flowers, herbs and organic vegetables.

    Peonies are my favourites and I am so thank after so many unsuccessful attempts to grow them I have succeeded. This is one of my pride and joy in my garden.

  • sian hallewell
    May 3, 2016

    My favourite garden feature is my garden pond. I built it over 15 years ago one snowy Easter with the help of my children. Just last year my daughter helped me put in a new lining and change the edging to wooden boards to match the table and benches we made together.
    I love that it is great for nature, we love watching birds enjoying it. We have some frogs who live there and of course some fish.
    the grandchildren love it and its educational for them, not just for the wildlife but for science experiements, such as the day we made our own boats and raced them across the pond.

  • Jackie Talbot
    May 3, 2016

    This is my favourite feature of my garden, a quiet corner to site by the pond

  • Rachel James
    May 3, 2016

    We’re the luckiest gardeners in the WHOLE world because we’re the home to the gorgeous Rhubarb Fairy! She ensures that the whole garden looks green and lush and provides us with the sweetest but sharpest rhubarb ever, with a flutter of her beautiful leafy wings.

  • Jacqueline Roberts
    May 3, 2016

    I love the view from my Garden, alas I have NO plants due to football playing kids but now they are growing I want to landscape soon

  • Jacqueline Roberts
    May 3, 2016

    I love the view from my Garden, alas I have NO plants due to football playing kids but now they are growing I want to landscape.

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